As important as it is to offer great products, it is equally important to us to offer our clients worldwide commercial and technical support, pre and post-sale.

The Brand

Siera has positioned itself as an excellent option for those looking for quality at reasonable prices.

In a constantly changing market, where brands come and go, consumers are often forced to choose between expensive products and unknown brands.

After many years in the market, Siera has found the perfect balance between the two extremes so that you will find everything you need in each of our products: Quality, Service, Support and Price.

Siera Worldwide

Siera is known worldwide as a manufacturer of high technology products that are simple to use and that have been designed to satisfy the needs of the different markets we operate in.

This global presence guarantees quality for consumers and also serves as a commitment to develop new products that bring to the market the latest innovations in design and technology.

Distribution Channels

Siera has a strong reciprocal commitment with our Authorized Distributors which differentiates Siera from the rest of the market.

This commitment is based on trust, respect for the values of our brand, respect for the Distributor and the Consumer. We are constantly updating our technology that is promoted and disseminated through online courses, in person workshops and webcasts.

To help you find the right product for your needs, give technical advice to extract the most from the product and to provide ample post-sales support are all part of our Service, which you receive when you choose a Siera product.

Quality Assurance

Siera products have a European inspired design and have been developed using the highest worldwide quality standards.

That said, when you choose Siera you can count on the advice and technical support of our Authorized Distributors who will help to resolve any problem in short time frames and using original parts.